Beauty in Simplicity

Beauty in Simplicity

Our story begins with Founder and Creative Director Ilan Elfassy. Having always wanted to start his own fashion label, in 2004 his dream became a reality with the creation of SOIA & KYO. His focus on luxurious fabrics, refined construction, effortless wear and versatile styling made SOIA & KYO a global brand, with collections that have expanded online, throughout North America and beyond.

Evolved Explorer

The Evolved Explorer rises to each occassion well prepared for and protected from the elements that lie ahead. Rain or shine, a sense of awe and escapism take the lead in exploring settings that promote stillness and calm in a swiftly changing world.

Function focused pieces that adapt to every journey provide a sense of freedom in ultra reliable and reinforced layers. Paired with earthy neutral neutrals and grounding pops of color, the SS24 palette brings a breath of fresh air and evoke optimism for the journey ahead.

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